AMRAP Confusion

AO: The Paragon

When: 02/15/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): manning, fleetwood, chitwood, cuban, thrasher, wigham, papa john, hasbro, titlemax, pulte, woody, hooch, garfield, legionnaire, wham-o, cricket, good hands, swisher, ricky bobby, satellite, smurfette, spaceballs, kiffin, bushwood, wreck-it-ralph, dory, FNG Romo (Mark Gannon)

YHC didn’t show it, but he was less than thrilled with how Tuesday’s BD unfolded – it may have been a little easier than expected because we didn’t have time to pull out the crown jewel of the morning plan. This was due to a miscalculation on how long it takes a legion of PAX to complete tasks compared to the more humble numbers of a rabble as I’m more accustomed to leading. Oh well, it was sweat-inducing anyhow, and a good eye-opener to tweak things for this morning. In an effort to work with more manageable numbers, we split up into five groups for the majority of the BD. Here’s how it went down:



Mosey 1 lap then circle up for the following:

Merkins IC

Weed Pickers IC

Hillbillys IC, followed by Mosey another 1 lap


The Thang:

PAX counted off by 5’s to create groups for a little AMRAP. Stations are as follows: 10 Burpees, AMRAP Pullups, AMRAP Squats w/coupons, AMRAP Merkins, and AMRAP Bigboy Situps. Now, the idea was to actually explain the format before letting everyone run off to their stations, but to my detriment, I don’t think that really happened. What was supposed to happen here is the burpees were going to control the pace; 10 of them to be precise. Then, after performing 10 burpees, the burpee group were to head to the pullups, they would head to the squats, those guys head to merkins, the merkins head to bigboys, and the bigboys headed over to do 10 burpees, and so on. Even the stations themselves were strategically placed in a clockwise pattern so as to reduce and/or eliminate any confusion, just go around the circle in order…

So, a coon’s age goes by while we’re killing ourselves on the pullup bar and no one has come to relieve us from the burpee station…YHC needed to investigate; some 30 burpees into a super-set, the burpee group was reminded only 10 were required to keep this thing alive, so let’s move it! It all panned out nicely in the end, and all PAX worked hard at each of the stations for two rotations through each.

Next, we gathered for an all-you-got 10 burpees, followed by a fast lap, then up to the flag for:

5 MOM:

Flutter kicks IC

Box Cutters IC

LBC’s IC (smurfette)

BBSU IC? (Ricky bobby)

Time’s up – recover!

Name-o-rama for our FNG (Mark Gannon) who’s a redskins fan. So naturally, he’s now known as Romo. Prayers for FL victims and families. This AO continues to be blessed – The Paragon is making an impact.



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