Secret AO’s not So Secret Anymore

AO: Firehouse

When: 02/15/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Lego, Skynyrd, Beans, Dash, Sherlock (FNG), Law Dog

YHC had the Q at the Rubicon when the Summer Olympics where in Brazil.  Now I have the Q at the Firehouse.  The Olympics can be some of the most inspiring athletic events and stories of all time. Yes, even the winter Olympics. Remember Miracle on Ice (ok so I don’t because I was not alive but I saw the Kurt Russell movie).  So YHC was inspired to for an Olympic style beatdown (winter edition). Disclaimer to the FNG (YHC brought an FNG, that’s just how I roll).

Warm – Up

Run to Stonehenge for Side Stradle hops, IW and cotton pickers.

The Thang

Probably the best winter Olympic sport is short track speed skating. It is the only sport where Athletes directly race each other in such dramatic style.   Firehouse has Stonehenge. A circle drive at the front of the park. So here comes Firehouse short track burpees.  Run a lap – do one burpee. Run a second lap – 2 burpes. We continued until 5 laps and 5 burpees were finished.

Mosey back into the parking lot and plank for the six.

YHC asked Dash to lead us to a soccer field, but inspiration spoke to me on the way. There is a wonderful incline in the middle of the front parking lot, perfect for 11s.  Merkins at the top with Ice Skaters at the bottom (single leg squat jumps side to side). Right to left back to right was 1.

Another winter sport is cross country skiing. They have impressive endurance and leg strength.  So on to Lt. Dans. But instead of a squat, we did 180 squats in honor of ‘Merica’s 2 Gold medals in snow board half pipe. Made it to 8 and 32 by the time we reached the end of the parking lot.

Legs are shot so on to the pavilion for dips and derkins 3 rounds of 10 reps each.

Back to the flag for Captain Thor. After all American’s probably learned most winter sports from the people of Norway and Sweden who most definitely learned it from the god of Thunder.   9/36 is when time was up.

Name – O – Rama: Welcome Sherlock


Prayers for all Pax who could not post today.

Continued prayers for the victims of the school shooting if Florida.


  • It has been a couple weeks now and this place is ready to explode. Forsyth knows how to build a park.   Sadclowns have no excuse that Fowler Park is just too far away.
  • Welcome Sherlock (FNG). I tried to get him to post at Big Creek, but living in North Forsyth, it was a long drive.  Apparently his new house is right down the road from the Firehouse, so he was ready to take the DRP and get better. He’s an investigator in case you were wondering.
  • YHC lead the Q at the Rubicon in 2016 during the last summer Olympics. It amazes me at how much F3 Alpha has grown since then.  If I remember, we had the Hooch, Big Creek, Hoppy Like, Rubicon and WidowMaker.  We probably have more guys posting in one day now than all week back then.  That just goes to show the need for F3.  Numbers are solid and you can Find several AOs everyday of the week. This is the time to avoid complacency. As soon as we let our guard down and don’t look for new FNGs and ways to grow all 3 Fs, F3 will start to decline.  Its going to change our community for the better but only if we continue to shield lock.



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