Keepem’ Movin

AO: Rubicon

When: 02/13/2018


PAX (): Devito Haha Krueger Saban Jackelope Boknows Spandex Scar Cookie DC2 SpecialK Zima Moonshine Blue steel M.T.

15 Pax posted for a misting windy morning where some were a little underdressed and ready to mosey.  Stepping in for Mufasa with the Q, YHC decided on a improv non stop movement session.  So off we went to the tennis courts building for some SSH and several rounds of BTTW Till the Q says drop paired with some Squats for a recovery between sets.

Mosey on around the park to broke back mountain where we alternated backwards and sideways part way up and then lunge walked to the top.  Some SSH for the six and off we went back to the pull up bar playground.
After splitting into three groups, we did 6 Rounds of pull ups, donkey Kicks and Big Boys with a running stretch to each station.  Burpee’s for the six and off we went to the FOD with a Burpee for the six stop along the way.  Once at FOD, we partnered up for some wheel barrows to the bases and back to home for Burpees.  Next round Mercans followed by crapwalk to first, 25 more mercans and reverse crabwalk to second and then home for more Burpees.
Back to the Flag for some quick MARY work and it was time.
Prayers for Mufasa and other’s working thru Injuries
Discussion about 2nd F next Thur. at the newer Avalon Beer Garden – 6:30 PM
Did our best to fill in the missing Mufasa motivational chatter
Not a DC2 friendly workout today but that man can adapt
Always an Honor to be with and lead these men

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