Rubicon Relay

AO: The Rubicon

When: 02/08/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Zima, Bo Knows, Miller Time, Devito, Mufasa, Spandex, Scar, Nacho Libre, Radar, Haha, Cookie

11 PAX on a breezy, cool February morning.  In fact, a perfect morning for F3.  Cold, dark and gloomy, embracing the suck with fellow brothers.

-mosey toward the dog track, stopping around the big flag for SSH, Hillbilly & Weedpicker
-another quick mosey, this time stopping at the planters for Dips
-mosey the rest of the way to the dog track
THANG 1 –  tandem Indian run, reverse style
-2 PAX in the rear turn around and run opposite way around track, catching the PAX and then leading the way
-PAX leading the way calls arm circles, air presses and other fun stuff
THANG 2 – 3 man relay around baseball field track
-partner A runs ahead while partner B does 10 merkins while partner C is holding his legs and doing 10 squats in between cadence
-B & C complete their excercises and call partner A who planks, then rotate positions
-2 fun laps
THANG 3 – partner up again for Hill Dora on the Hill of Dreams
-100 Carolina Drydocks
-200 Squats
-300 LBC
-mosey over to Grits pavilion for step ups and extended leg lifts
-take it to the Flag for 5 MOM – ring around the rosey style
-prayers for those battling illness and injury
-prayers for a church friend of Mufasa who is fighting cancer
-welcome RNG Bo Knows (3 posts in his first week of F3!)

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