Hand Release What?

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 02/09/2018

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (): Saint 2o, Boomer, Sunshine, Jimbo, Feathers, The Dab, Piggie, Flo, Bo Knows, Scrooge

YHC picked up the late Q duties the night before for back-to-back Q’s this week and went to work.  With the M out for the evening, there was ample opportunity for pain creation for a Hooch 0.0 beat down.  If you haven’t been to a Hooch 0.0 Friday beat down, I highly suggest it.  Why take Advil when what you really need is another beatdown?

Nothing takes care of soreness like going heavy.

Warm Up:

Overrated – we jumped right in.

The Thang:

The night before, YHC finally found the app he wanted to run the 0.0 and decided on 10 stations.  Each station had a 1-minute heavy exercise followed by 25 seconds of cardio, then rotate.  We went around twice with a 1-minute plank in between rounds.  It took about 40 minutes.

Heavy: Curls with 60 lbs. bar YHC provided or Cinder block, if you prefer
Cardio: Burpees

Heavy: Squats holding Cinder block
Cardio: SSHs

Heavy: Alternating Step-ups holding Cinder block
Cardio: Broad Jumps

Heavy: Dips with Cinder Block in lap
Cardio: Mountain Climbers

Heavy: Lateral arm raises while standing on exercise band
Cardio: Star Jumps

Heavy: Hand-release Merkins wearing my 35lbs ruck, while holding bricks (hand release what?) – this one hurt. Name is TBD for this little gem…
Cardio: Jumping Lunges

Heavy: Flutter kicks while holding Cinder block overhead
Cardio: Jump rope

Heavy: Medicine ball slams
Cardio: High Knees

Heavy: American hammers while holding 30lbs weight
Cardio: Wall jumps

Heavy: Big Boy sit-ups with 30lbs weight
Cardio: Squat jumps

We finished it off with around the world Mary:

  1. Freddy Mercuries
  2. Dying Cockroach
  3. J-Lo
  4. Tempo Merkins
  5. Superman’s
  6. SSHs
  7. Squats
  8. Plank

It’s amazing what you can get done in 45 minutes… 


Prayers for Flo’s & Boomer’s wives for medical situations along with prayer for the guys to be supportive.  Praises for The Dab’s friend recovering from surgery and Sunshine’s son still recovering from his surgery – all are doing well.  Prayers for Feathers family and their parents’ relationships with each other.  Prayers and praise for the group in general, the camaraderie and the accountability to keep us all coming and getting stronger together.

Back to back Q’s this week – I’m taking next week off!

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