Feeling JACKED

Coming off of the May month of competition and all of our VQs for the month, I wasn’t sure if anyone knew they were supposed to have the Q, and YHC really wanted to have a chance to Q a good Hunt at the Kodiak, something YHC feels like he hasn’t had a chance to do in a while.  So here is what YHC was able to come up with.  

Warm up:

We started our quick mosey, around the concrete sidwalk when we noticed a pair of headlights pulling into the Kodiak parking lot.  YHC may have jumped the gun out of eagerness or Cricket may have been a minute late, know one knows for sure but but he hopped right in after a round of SSH and did not miss out on any of the real fun.

Finished warmup with 10 IC Monkey Humpers & Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

After our quick warm up to get the heart rate elevated, it was time to get JACKED.  To start the day we lined up for Jack Jack Webb, because why get jacked, when you can get double JACKED!  We followed the same 1:4 Ratio but with a plank jack following each merkin.  Once we hit our 10:40 we did a quick recovery count then moseyed over to the furthest back set of parking spots.  

Here we performed a series of Pop Jacks, SSH, and Lunges.  All Pax lined up then ran to the furthest parking spot in the row.  The number in the spot (15) was the number of Pop Jacks performed, followed by a lunge walk back to the start and then 20 SSH.  Repeat with a run to the next closest spot, Pop Jack the number in the spot, lunge walk back and 20 SSH.  Continue until the whole row of parking spots have been completed. Initially YHC was disappointed that there were only 15 spaces, because he thought “well this is going to be way too easy, and we are going to blow through this.” After the 3rd round YHC quickly realized it was going to be harder than originally thought and became thankful that there were only 15 spots.

Finally we ran to the small (and Soggy) spot of grass near the Tennis courts for our last routine. Who’s more (or was in his prime) Jacked than Mike Tyson?  So, we did some Blackjack with Mike Tyson’s and LBCs.  We performed Mike Tyson’s at the wall and LBCs on the sidewalk, facing the school the whole time (except when doing Mike Tysons) for the runs to and from the school.  We ran out of time after most made it to 14 Mikes /7 LBC so we moseyed back to flag as time expired.



  • Great to have The Mole and Naty Lite back out there after some time on the IR.  Naty Lite also expressed that he finally tried his 1st Naty lite this past weekend (he’s German, Like REALY German).  His review: Kinda like soda water, felt like he could of had his 7 year old son drink it.
  • 3rd F event this Saturday volunteering to help with the House of Hope.  VOlunteering can start as early as 9am to help with set up.  Come for some or all to help with kids activities, parking, and general volunteer duties.  The event will go from 10 -3 with free kids games and bounce houses at the Publix parking lot at HWY 20 & 372.  Even if you can’t volunteer you can bring your 2.0s to enjoy the day (maybe even sporting our new Alpha Shirts).