Have you seen my Baseball?

Well I thought it was supposed to getting close to Baseball season with Spring Training underway, and me having to cover a double header at school, and that made me think a little F3 baseball would be a great way to ruin a perfectly good morning.  Apparently the PAX at Cherokee does not like baseball, because they did not take the bait to come out and have a enjoy America’s pastime with me F3 style.  Oh well, we that showed had a really good time as you will no doubt gather from what you read next.


Mosey around the school, stop half way around the school for 10 each of:




Cotton Pickers

Then continue to around the school around back to the cars.


The Thang:

F3 baseball well modified at least.  Since there was only 3 of us we were each a team by ourselves.  So exercises were modified.  Also, did not have access to the baseball field so we used the track around the football field, which I didn’t have a measuring tape, but I believe is a hair larger than a baseball diamond.  So here is what we did:

1st base 100 Pullups

2nd base 120 Lunges

3rd base 140 Plank Jacks

Home 50 Ballees – they are a looooot of fun.  I have a self made 20 pound medicine ball (it may only be about 19 at this point but you would never know it) so we did burpess holding the ball and instead of a jump at the top of the burpee, we did a press with the ball.  Again, loads of fun.

Run from home to first & 2nd to 3rd

Back peddle first to second & 3rd to home

Each round counts as 1 run, most runs at the end of 30:00 wins. After the first “Run” we cut audibled and cut all reps by 50, though it didn’t matter.

Losers did 50 lbc

I started at home with the ballees to break up any log jams while banjo and C-4 raced off to the pull up bars that were apparently behind a locked tall fence this week, so after a quick hop over the fence they started at the pull ups.  When I completed my ballees I quickly moseyed to the car to get the key so we did not have to look like we didn’t belong.

#tclaps to C-4 for winning the game though I feel we were all winners for the experience, with a whopping 1 run and about half way through the 2nd.


After that we did a few wall competitions that included:

Balls to the walls (won by Banjo) – losers did 5 burpees

Wall sit with one leg up (won by C-4) – again burpees to the losers

Wall sit flap jack legs (Won again by C-4) – and again burpees to the losers – in case you’re noticing yes, I lost at everything, I did that on purpose because I like extra work and making others feel great about themselves. A good Q does not try to show everyone up by being the best at everything.  Or I just suck. Thanks for putting me in my place today C-4

Mosey back to the flag for Mary, Everyone had a chance to lead an exercise before time expired.


Prayers for Flo and his family

Prayers for C-4, whose company is undergoing some changes and many peoples lives will be affected.

TClaps for both these men who are getting stronger with each workout.  Great job both men.