Snowmageddon 2019

The Firehouse

Pax – Dash, Fudd



2 Pax braved the cold winter storm to venture into the gloom this morning. After driving through blizzard conditions we weren’t sure if we would be able to proceed with the beatdown at all….nevermind…it’s 50 degrees and no wind, rain and generally the best weather we have have since Halloween. The state and schools might be shut down but the Firehouse was open for business….let’s mosey!


Lap around parking lot then gather up for :




Weed Pickers



The Thang

Mosey to the top football field. Planning for rain/snow/some level of precipitation YHC brought along the exercise dice inspired by the PAX at Big Creek who broke these out during one of my visits in the rain. Early on it was decided that the “wild” card rolls would be ab exercises so the field was a good location to hold beatdown while saving our backs a little pain from the concrete. 40 solid minutes (and 1 malfunctioning i phone timer) of non stop rolling and we were beat, although our stomachs should be be beach ready in no time with all the core work that was done today.


Prayers for health of PAX

Prayers for Topher (member of Dash’s small group)


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