Blizzard Conditions at the Creek

Perhaps I should have said “blizzard conditions at a Creek,” as there likely is a creek somewhere that had blizzard conditions, but it certainly wasn’t the Big Creek AO in Forsyth county, GA.  The good news was that our disappointment over the fake news snow day was quickly replaced with enthusiasm about a visit from one of our founding fathers, none other than his majesty, King Crack!

No time for a kingdom town hall meeting, so off we went…

Mosey to the crossroads for Warm Up:


Cotton Mills

Good Mornings

the Thang:

Everybody grab a coupon and head to the main soccer field for a little Death Star, Super Bowl edition!  Line up in the center with 5 points identified around the field and a different exercise at each one, returning to the center to pay a 5 burpee toll before moving to the next point of the star.

Round 1 – 20x

Elf on the Shelf with coupons

Bandit Mercans (Mercan with a one handed plank, other hand reach for the sky.  both hands to the sky = one)

Monkey Humpers


Star Jumps

Round 2 – rinse and repeat x18 (audible that each hand to the sky counts as one on the bandit mercans)

Round 3 – rinse and repeat, substituting overhead press for Elf on the Shelf’s, regular mercans for bandit mercans, and lunges for star jumps, and gorilla humpers for monkey humpers

Total of 53 reps in honor of Super Bowl LIII on Sunday

Circle up with coupons for some Colt 45’s:

Low curls x 15

high curls x 15

full curls x 15

Drop the coupons and Indian Run back to the flag for a little round robin Mary:


Prayers for two cancer diagnoses over the past week for individuals close to the PAX

Prayers for the Gibbs over the loss of their son, blessings for God’s presence at the celebration

Prayers for Dumpster for presentation (already got word that it went well!)

Prayers for YHC for father/son trip this weekend

Zoo cancelled this Saturday for convergence with F3 Cherokee




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