Rising BLIMPS and dropping BOMBS at The Bound

AO: The Bound

When: 09/23/2023

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (21): Animal, Birdie, Flo, HIPAA, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Plumb Bob, Splinter, Tenderfoot, TURK, Utah, Biebs, Merle, Moose, FNG Agent Smith (Welcome), Utah, Lasso, Hammer TIme, Yukon, G-String, PM, Shocker


So The Hooch and The Bound got together this morning for Beatdown and a Breakfast. In order to earn the breakfast, you gotta do the beatdown, and YHC was only too happy to oblige. It was a glorious morning, a little nip in the Fall air, and it was a great day for beatdown. With a latecoming FNG, short disclaimer was given (with full disclaimer during the initial mosey), and off we went….


10 each of the following: Weedpickers, Willie Mays Hays, Moroccan Nightclubs, Hillbillies, SSH’s

Mosey from the b-ball courts down to the back of the dining hall (more on that soon) and around the parking lot back to the b-ball courts….

The Thang:

  1. Rising BLIMPS and falling BOMBS: Pax started at the b-ball courts with the initial B in BLIMPS, then ran to the back of the dining hall to conduct ALL of the exercises in BOMBS, running back through the parking lot to the b-ball court. Pax then ADDED the L to the B in BLIMPS, ran out to the back of the dining hall, dropping the S in the BOMBS cycle. Continue cycles all the way through. Exercise/reps included:   BLIMPS = Burpees x 5, Lunges (alpha)x10, Imperial Walkers (alpha) x 15, Mercans x 20, Plank jacks x 25, Squats x 30 BOMBS = Burpees x 5, Overhead Claps x 10, Mercans x 15, Bonnie Blairs x 20, Squats x 25  After last BLIMPS cycle, complete lap and hillbilly for the 6
  2. Dry Humps – Pax circled up. Q called out cadence for multiples of 1 Carolina DryDock to 2 Monkey Humpers. Proceeded up cycle through 10 Carolina DryDocks to 20 Monkey Humpers
  3. Mary – got to 15 Flutter Kicks and that was TIME!



Prayers for Splinter’s mom as she deals with health issues AND is looking for a new home in the local area. And prayers for Splinter’s family as they work with his mom to help her house hunt

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s a treat to experience all 3 F’s in one morning, and that’s what YHC experiences every time he is at The Bound. The effort was top notch, and this morning was nourishing physically, socially, and spiritually. Hope everyone else had a great time as well.

Speaking of nourishment – Thanks again to Angus, Ballboy, and Potter for top notch fare…..that was good grub, men!

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