Behold… The Dying Swercan

AO: Rubicon

When: 10/11/2022

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (9): Cookie, FannyPack, Krueger, lumberg-g-g-GHOST, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Special K, Trebek, uga


Good group at the Rubicon today.


Mosey to the big parking lot for a loop of butt kickers, high knees, and carioca left and right.  Circled up in the lot for SSH, Windmills, Weedpickers, Toy Soldiers, and Arm Circles.  Head to the rock pile for a medium-large coupon and then to the FOD.

The Thang:

We did an escalator (10, then 10 + 20, then 10+20+30, etc) of 5 exercises with a lap around the whole field between each step.  To help keep the group tight, the first man back called a ‘filler’, which all PAX did until the 6 was in.  All counts Alpha when applicable.

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • 30 Dying Swercans
  • 40 Imperial Squat Walkers
  • 50 American Hammers

But wait!” you say.  “The Dying Swercan isn’t in the Exicon!?!?!?”  You think to yourself: What could that new exercise be???

“Great question!” I respond, having anticipated your curiosity.

“The Dying Swercan is a Swercan on your 6 with a cinder or large-ish coupon.  Press the coupon with your knees tucked, then as you bring it down, extend your legs straight out for 1 rep.  As you press again, tuck your knees.”

The movement is awkward the first time, but if you practice with a pillow it comes more naturally.

The original plan was to de-escalate as well but we just made it to the top with time when a really helpful PAX pointed out that we were near time, so we cranked out 10 last Burpees and headed back.

Great work by all.  40 Imperial Squat Walkers is probably too much, will dial down to 30 the next time I use it in a BD.



Announcements:  Alpha Convergence on 10/29 at the Boneyard (Newtown Park), start time is 6:30.  Costumes recommended.

Coffeeteria at Starbucks on Haynes Bridge to follow.

Prayers for:

  • A quick recovery for Caffey’s hamstring
  • Safe travels for all coming back from trips.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for letting me try out a new exercise.  It sucked, in the good way.  Always a pleasure to lead.

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