Stop Drop and Roll!

AO: Firehouse

When: 04/23/2019

QIC: Fudd

PAX (5): Reuben, Skynyrd, Picker, Snowden, Fudd


Chatter on the water cooler left YHC with hopes of a good crowd in the morning and an IKEA sighting. While IKEA stayed in the Fartsac, 5 HIM stepped up to the plate. Time to get to work!


Lap around to lower lot and circle up for:


Weed Pickers



The Thang:

All Pax grab a healthy sized coupon for a warm up round of 11’s.

Bicep curls on the bottom of the hill with Reverse LBC’s on the top.

Once this was complete and the Pax was fully limbered up we deposited our coupons and headed to the top fields.

Everyone lined up for a new exercise for the Firehouse…Merk Roll Ups.

Perform 1 Merkin, drop to stomach and roll over to six, perform 1 Big Boy Sit Up. Roll over once more and repeat adding 1 rep of each exercise each time. We “Rolled” our way up to 10, totaling 55 of each exercise.

Quick mosey to midfield for a round of Dora 1-2-3.

100 Merkins / 200 LBC’s / 300 Squats

Mosey to Flag for Mary:

Box Cutters

Ankle Reaches

Nolan Ryans


Mountain Climbers


Prayers for good scan results for Reuben.

Happy Birthday Howser!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This week marked 1 year since I posted for the first time at Firehouse last April. Thanks to all the guys for welcoming and pushing me this past year, looking forward to continued growth in the year ahead.

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