Rumble at The Wreck

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/25/2019

QIC: Circus

PAX (): ALFAC, Foley, Bieber, Debit, Swamp Donkey, Squeegee, Rusty, Ariel, Couch, Deadbeat, Squeak, Rooney, Goat, Double-D, Tweaker, Sprocket, Switch, Bronco and Bear

It was an especially cold morning. My weather app indicates that the temp outside was in fact sub-freezing.

YHC had planned a competitive team beatdown. 18 PAX showed up to compete. Goat would join us later after our warm-up exercises. We moseyed from the flag (thank you Aflac for planting the flag) to the parking lot in front of Roswell North Elementary and circled up for a quick disclaimer and the following exercises:


SSHs x 40
Toy Soldiers x 40 (20 each leg)
Mountain Climbers x 40
Slow Squats x 20
Slow Merkins x 20

After a fair amount of mind-numbing calculation by YHC, the PAX was divided into two teams of six and one team of seven. We moseyed back to the flag. We did one set of 25 partner Merkins with our respective team member designating a team leader and coming up with a team name, which are Team Circus, Team Aflac, and Team Bronco. The teams are ready to rumble, so we moseyed to the football field parking lot.

The Thang

Four different sets of 9-12 objects are placed on one end of the parking lot. Each object is designated a different exercise and also assigned a different number of points depending on the difficulty of the exercise. The following key was provided to each team leader.

Random balls = Burpees = 6 point
Coupons (river rocks) = BBs = 4 points
Spray paint cans = Squats = 3 points
Juggling clubs = SSHs = 3 points

All three teams are positioned on the opposite end of the lot about 100 yards away from the pile of objects. One member from each team runs across the lot to retrieve one object from the pile and bring it back to his team. The entire team then performs 25 reps of whatever exercise the object represents either in cadence or on their own. After every member of the team has finished the exercise, the team will keep the object as proof that they have earned the assigned number of points. Rinse and repeat with a different member of each team taking turns as the runner.

As time was running short, YHC called for the teams to finish their last set of exercise and for the team leaders to tally the scores. Miraculously, we had a three-way tie. All three teams scored 41 points!

The tie-breaker:
The fastest runner from each team race to the pile of objects on the other end of the park lot and back, after which the entire then performs 25 SSHs. The team to finish first is declared the winner.

Running very short on time, the PAX helped put the coupons back in the creekside and helped gather all the juggling clubs, spray paint cans and balls back into one bin.

We moseyed back to the flag.


All is well. We are blessed.
Let’s continue to get stronger and support each other.
5 PAX plus Thumper for coffeeteria


Team Circus is the Rumble at The Wreck winner! To deny this is to deny that Rooney was freakishly fast in the tie-breaker dash. What legs! Also kudos to TC for knocking out two sets of 25 Burpees! Was it strategically smart? Probably not.

Sub-freezing temps and yet 20 of us all gathered to workout together and had fun doing it! Enjoyed the competitiveness, teamwork, comradery and silliness this morning.

Circus out!


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