Bowl Cuts

AO: Big Creek

When: 01/23/2019

QIC: The Body

PAX (): Hammer, Swipper, Spit Vale, McDuff, Fudd, Snake

YHC baited the field on twitter the night before calling for 10 Hims needed for the beat down, only 6 plus YHC made the trip. Pleasure to have Fudd from Firehouse, great HIM!

Forecast of 30° and Windy, where can we go to stay out or these conditions? Skate Park!

Slow mosey down near the skate park to warm -up


15- Copperhead squats

Sun gods Forward/backwards

Let’s first shake the chill with two laps of catch me if you can around the large parking island. Partner A 10 Merkins, Partner B Backwards run.

Spit Valve took a backwards spill over Snake, but neither seemed to be phased. Into the the skate park we GO!

Everyone down into the shallow bowl for the first exercise.

Partner up:

Partner A – 10 Body presses on the edge of the bowl, Partner B – LBC.  Both partners complete 50 Body Presses. I was no longer cold at this point, it must be working.

Next: All do 10 IC leg raises on the edge of the bowl, and 25 reverse leg raises OMC.

Next: Bowl drops and Groines, increasing Groiner by two up to 10. OYO

Mosey back to the lot for Merkin centipede.  Hold Plank on Parking lines, first man does 10 Merkins and runs to the end through all 7 men.

Mosey to Track Building.

11 of Donkey Kicks and Carl Malones OYO

Balls to the Wall Challenge.  Snake comes away victorious and still had some in the tank. Grrrrrr he is on to my technique.

Mosey to the top of the Hill for two rounds of 50 Balboas

Mosy to the Pavillion for 100 parnter table shrugs and Squats.


LBC, Left crunch, Right crunch




– YHC jumped the Firehouse message boards and used Rick James as a temptresses to encourage Mutiny.

– Snake and Mcduff are coming after my Balls to the Wall crown!

– Praying for the Gibbs family and their loss.

– Praying for Reuben and his test today!

– YHC repping the same day backblast just like he was taught.

– Hammer has the comeback Q on Thursday, bring your running shoes.






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