Shorts in 29 degree weather

AO: The Norseman

When: 01/15/2019

QIC: Callahan

PAX (): Ha-Ha, Cookie, Nacho, Callahan

Warm Up:

Mosey down to the parking lot by Football Field #1

SSH x15, Squats x15, Cotton Pickers x15

Moseyed over to the wall du dip just past the playground for the Thang to start…

The Thang:

With the temps being sub 30, three of the PAX decided to wear shorts since it was so toasty.  YHC felt like one of the uncool kids today as pants were worn, but I felt as if I needed to keep everyone moving to keep them from freezing.

Started out at the wall du dip (new name…write it down) and did 15 dips, then 10 step ups (each leg).  Rinse and repeat.

Moseyed further into North Park over to the short track by the concession stand.

11s – Derkins/Bonnie Blairs

Started out with 10 derkins using the wall, then we ran halfway around the track for 1 Bonnie Blair.  Keep the count going until 11s are complete!  I never liked that Bonnie Blair…

Mosey back to the Football Field.  Cookie was curious about the location of the field at the beginning of the workout and YHC decided to give him a proper tour.

4 corners – Started out at the corner at one goal line with 15 squats, ran to the next corner for 15 merkins, then we ran down the sideline to the next corner for 15 deep, slow squats and then we ran to the final corner for 15 wide merkins…then we ran back to the first corner.

We had so much fun that we decided to do it once more!

Ten count to recover, then YHC decided to try this delicious Crabalicious that was discussed recently.  Started on the goal line, crab walk to the 10, run back to the goal line.  Crab walk to the 20, run back to the goal line.  We did this to the 30, and ran back…those weren’t pleasant, but they made us stronger.

Moseyed up to the parking lot, caught some quick calf raises, then moseyed back to the flag…Nacho…we ain’t got no flag, boss.  Flag retrieved from the trunk of our fearless Mexican wrestler’s truck, and it was time for Mary.


Flutter kicks and Freddie Mercury took us to 6:15


Thankful for a group of guys that will challenge each other, and lift each other up.

Reminder for new Q-Source meeting at 6:30am on Fridays at the Chik-fil-A at  Avalon.  If you’re going to Hoppy Like on Friday, park in the Container Store parking lot.

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