B workout with A+ pain

AO: The Galaxy

When: 01/15/2019

QIC: Yahtzee

PAX (): Wide-Right, Homer, Venus, Turbine, Boggle, Tweaker, Cha-Ching, Baby Face

Nine PAX showed up for a frigid start to the beat down. After a quick disclaimer we began.

Warm Up

  • Mosey – half lap
  • Side Straddle Hope – x15
  • Weed Pickers – x15
  • Goofballs – x15
  • Toy Soldier – x16

Bucket Brigade

YHC, making my way through F3 exercise list,  tried a new workouts for the galaxy. “Bucket Brigade” was first on the list. The PAX split into one group of 4 and one of 5. Each group picked a mega-coupon to use in the relay. PAX started on a set of stairs and passed the coupon down the line and running to the next spot after handing it off. We completed the stairs loop twice when YHC couldn’t wait for what was next…

Bataan Death March

PAX lined up in two lines for the death march. The rear man would do 5 burpees while the rest commenced laps around the parking lot. When rear PAX finished burpees he had to catch up to the front of the line, tapping the last PAX in line to signal the start of his burpees. After a few laps and 2x burpee sets the PAX bearcrawled to the finish for the last Big “B” workout

Burpees (Deconstructed)

YHC broke down Burpees by the numbers and PAX completed the different steps one at a time. (Yes YHC found this in the “D” section but modified as necessary to keep the “B” theme for my title)

  • Squats
  • Leg Thrusts
  • Merkin
  • Leg Thrusts
  • Squat Jumps

PAX started with 10 reps of each and continued through 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps and back up 1,2,3,4,5 for a total of 70 deconstructed burpees.

To end of the workout PAX went to the playground for morning call pull-ups and push ups 5-10 reps per person. Shout out to Boggle and Turbine for hitting 10.

Q ended with mosey into Mary at the flag.


  • Prayer for Sparky knee
    • Chelsea Ankle
    • Secret Job search
    • Blue Travel



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