Dirty Dozen at Grindstone

AO: Grindstone

When: 01/14/2019

QIC: Olaf

PAX (): McDuff, Sully, Bell, Bartman, Cookie, Benny

Warm Up:

Mosey down to the basketball court for the warm ups.

SSH x15, Moroccan Dance Party x15, Hillbillies x15, Windmills x15

Stayed on the basketball court for the Thang.

The Thang:

Today’s workout is a spinoff of the 12 days of Christmas. But we will be calling this one the “Dirty Dozen”. No one in their right mind would consider doing this routine, except this special bunch of guys. The routine goes like this. We will complete 1 rep of an exercise for the first set. Then the second set will be a 2 rep exercise and repeat of the first exercise. We will continue until we have completed 12 sets of ascending exercises.

Winkey reads as follows:

1 rep – Lap around the court

2 reps – Dan Taylors

3 reps – Inch Worms

4 reps – Ranger Merkins

5 reps – Tappy Taps

6 reps – Y Exercise

7 reps – Daniel Sons

8 reps – Outlaws

9 reps – Zig Zag Hops

10 reps – E2K

11 reps – Newton Cradles

12 reps – Seal Jacks

After the Dirty Dozen was completed. We completed the worst 10 second count down in the history of F3. We lost count at, well, 10.  To keep the confusion rolling, YHC embarrassingly took a wrong turn on the trail and guided us on a 1 mile run back to the flag in the pitch dark. But in true F3 fashion, we stuck together and finished strong.


Cookie ran the Mary exercised while I rounded up the six. We arrived right on time for the COT.


Praise to God for pulling Brownie and Benny’s friend through their surgeries successfully. Prayer request sent out for Clyde’s knee, MRI scheduled for today. Another prayer request for Bartman’s family member going through a nasty divorce, especially keep their children in your prayers.

Reminder for new Q-Source meeting at 6:30am on Fridays at the Chik-fil-A near the Avalon.

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