When: 11/19/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Boomer, El Matador, Sunshine, Piggy, Ball Boy, Sneakers, Redi-Mix, Meatball, Jimbo, Popper, Splinter

12 HIMS strong answered the buzz of the alarm clock for a dawg treat of a #beatdown.   It was cold, but warmed up quickly.  So much so, that people got rid of their worthless jackets.   Outside of a few hairy moments, the PAX pushed through and endured.

YHC has noticed an influx of GT alum in to the ranks of theHooch over the last few months.  This has made for some great #mumblechatter, especially leading up to our Clean Old Fashion Hate week.  Let it be known that YHC has no hard feelings for tech and actually routes for them 51/52 weeks a year.  That is 98.0769230769 % of the time.

Here’s what happened:

Mosey laps with some SSHs, Mountain Climbers, and Weed Pickers- 20 all IC.

Indian run with a medicine ball coupon:  Back Indian starts with the ball and sprints to the front.  Once there, he hands the ball off to the second guy in line and the ball is passed from PAX to PAX until it makes it way to the last guy.  That guy runs it to the front and starts the process over and over.  We did this down 141, left on Old Alabama, and held up at the OA entrance of Perimeter.

Moseyed over to resting spot about 200 yards from the playground and partnered up.

Partner A- ran to the playground and did 3 pulls ups, ran back.

Partner B- started the team exercises.  Once A was back they switched keeping a single count up to 100 of…

  • B- burpees
  • E- E2Ks…left over right (oblique crunch)
  • A- Alabama A-kickers
  • T- T-merkins
  • T- T-bombs
  • E- E2ks…right over left (oblique crunch)
  • C- Carolina Dry Docks
  • H- Hurpees

The PAX didn’t finish so we didn’t beat tech this morning.  I guess beating Tech is a Saturday thing.

Honored and blessed to call you brothers, even if you did attend that trade school in Atlanta.

COT: Prayers for PAX travelling.  For us to be good examples and leaders with our families this week.



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