yeah we’re bear, bear crawlin’

AO: The Galaxy

When: 11/15/2018

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): Percy, Yahtzee, Wide Right, Sparky, Babyface, Boggle, Thumper, Turbine, Secret, Tweaker

The night before brought on some unnecessary anxiety as YHC was prepping for an alternate beat down in case numbers dropped due to the floods of Cobb county and colder temps. Fears were instantly gone as I pulled into an East Cobb Park lot and saw the Galaxy presence in full force.

5:30 – We started a mosey around the lower lot and into the upper lot for a warm-up cadence to prep for the main event.
– Hill-Billy x 20
– Weed picker x 15
– Windmill x 15
– SSH x 20

Moving to the lower side of the lot, we formed two lines for a round of sprints. Created two lines and ordered the winner to 10 squats while the 2nd place winner got to do 5 burpees. Shoutout to @Percy for running a 2nd sprint as YHC needed a competitor, and winning both sprint challenges… The loss of @Secret mid sprint, and a few mumbles of displeasure at the call by YHC for sprints gave quite a sense of pleasure to move on early to ->


We moseyed back to the lower side to situate ourselves near the flag. Partnered up and assigned partner 1 to a long lap around the park. Partner 2 was to begin a bear crawl in the same direction. Once P1 caught P2, the team was to complete 10 burpees and switch roles. Kudos to @Thumper and @Yahtzee for completing the bear crawl loop.

With about 8 minutes to the end YHC called an audible and got everyone back on their feet for another mosey. Ran the long loop again and headed up to the top parking lot where YHC called for 10 burpees. Continued mosey back to the flag and wrapped with 5 burpees and time was called.

– Wide-right – Docs reached diagnosis for daughter as Epilepsy.
– Sparky – Son has scar tissue buildup causing muscle problem in leg – prayers for doc visit next week
– Several needs for jobs
**ping me for anything I may have forgotten prior to posting

– Hogwallow – check slack for absolute destination – OXBO trail head at time of posting
– Be on the lookout for Q school – coming to an East Cobb Park near you

A pleasure to Q –

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