The BD of Wanderers

AO: Atlas

When: 11/13/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Aflac, Circus, Grease Monkey, Sprocket, Thumper

YHC put the word out about running from CLC to Atlas and back.  Passed out early and only realized there were commitments when Aflac and Circus were trailblazing Woodstock Road.  Whoops…

5 pax were on hand at 0530. So we moseyed to the stash of coupons.  On the way, a clothesline about took YHC out. Not sure where that came from.

Cinders for the warm-up exercise.
YHC started with SSH since we had one in attendance that felt Cinder Swings first did not constitute a warm-up.
Merkins 15 IC
Imperial Walkers 15 IC
Cindy Swings 10 IC
Curls for the Girsl 10 IC
Cindy Press 10 IC
Return Cinders in exchange for a 35# stone.

The Thang
Co-Q Aflac called an audible route to avoid a puddle or two and the clothesline so YHC just decided we would use the stadium. Thumper appears from the gloom who said he showed at 0531… Either way, he runs to grab a stone to join.

Cleans, Squats, Presses
In ascending  fashion we started with 1 clean at the bottom of the stadium
Halfway up, 1 squat, and at the top 1 press.
Then 2 cleans, 2 squats, 3 presses.  Zig Zagging our way up and down the stadium right to left.
After making it through once, halfway through the second set, the maintenance man shows up (not to take part in the BD) and tells us that the administration doesn’t want anyone on the track or the stadium.  We kindly oblige and call another audible and relocate to the original set of stairs. A lot of mumble chatter, a loud audible is called and all but Aflac hears the call… Hmmm, must be that respect creeping up to him.

Continuing our counts from where we left off, a couple rounds down and still no Aflac.  Thumper sees him wandering around and he finally finds his way to the group.
We finish to round 10 and Grease Monkey thought it was a good idea to perform American Hammers with the stones waiting for the six…
We returned our stones in exchange for a cinder again.

MOM with cinders
Skull Crushers 15 IC
Toe Crushers 10 IC
Curls for the Girls 20 IC
Overhead Presses 10 IC
Romanian Deadlifts 10 IC

With Cinders returned, we mosey back to the flag for some actual Minutes of Mary.
Kobe 20 IC
Dying Cockroach 20? IC
LBCs 20? IC

Count, Names, Announcements and Prayer requests…

Have really enjoyed the groups showing up to Atlas.
I need to expand on my variety of BDs, but I think that will come with more time (or more Qs??).  I have a few things brewing in my mind for some fun coupons.

Until next time…  I-Beam

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