Singing in the (R)Pain

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/12/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): Rooney, Bronco, Aflac, Divot, Bear, Deadbeat, Goat, Trunk(FNG)

YHC was excited to Q our Veteran’s Day BD when I woke up to hear the heavy rainfall.  Mentally it was good that I was the Q or there was a high probability for a fart sack.  8 additional hardy PAX’s including an umbrella carrying FNG showed up for our Monday morning monsoon.


At 5:30 we started a slow mosey out to our large American flag at the pond.  We completed the following:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperials Walkers
  • Jump Squats


Plans were to have a traveling workout this morning, moving from cover to cover around the park.  The more important part of the workout was our six moments of silence we would do together to pay tribute to our Veteran’s during the wars they have fought.

First Moment of Silence : Revolutionary War.  Since this war helped us create our great nation of “Merica” we did 1 min of Merkins in silence.

After our Merkins, we moseyed up to the cover for the gymnastics center.  We partnered up.

Second Moment of Silence : WWI.  Trench warfare was an important element of this war and men had to work together as teams to have success.  We partnered up and did 1 min of Brokins in silence.

We then moseyed to the back pavilion and found cover again after a lot more rain.

Third Moment of Silence : WWII.  This was America’s most expensive war so we were ready to suffer through 1 min of Diamond Merkins in silence as we remembered the sacrifice that was made.

Afterward, we did one round of 20 leg raises for each leg, 20 Dips and 20 Squats.  We pushed the benches closers and got ready for our next MOS.

Fourth Moment of Silence : Vietnam War.  This was America’s longest war so it only made sense to do our 1 min of remembrance doing  Abyss Merkins.

Afterward we moseyed up to the playground pavilion for some cover and got ready for our Fifth MOS.

5th Moment of Silence : Korean War.  South Korea needed help being pulled out from an invasion.  We remembered the loss of life by doing pull ups for 1 min.

Next we all took a quick swim in the rock bed to grab a lifting coupon.  Once back at the pavilion we did AMRAP style until the Q called:

15 curls, 15 overhead presses, 15 rows.

Lots of mumble chatter at this point and I think everyone’s arms were close to being spent.  We did 3 to 4 rounds until the last MOS.

Sixth Moment of Silence : Gulf War. America was certainly knocked down and needed to push it self up.  We did Derkins in silence for 1 min as we remembered all the Americans that lost their life during this time.

Returned the coupons and moseyed back to the flag for a few rounds of Mary until time was called.


As we suffered just a little in the rain and cold this morning, it was certainly a good reminder of all the suffering our soldiers have endured over the years on our behalf.  It’s hard for me to imagine everything they have and continue to go through for our great nation.  I can however understand the brotherhood they can form with the men around them in the gloom.  I hope you are all grateful for that brotherhood and our Veterans.  Please reach out to any friends and family you have in the military and let them know how grateful we all are for their sacrifice.


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