The Cinder ‘STORM”

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/07/2018

QIC: Virginia Slim

PAX (): Sprocket, Crab legs, Swamp Donkey, Travis Lampert? FNG (Dead Beat), Grease Monkey, Rusty, Polaroid, Doogie, Squeegie, DD, Bear, Bieber, Bronco, Thumper, Mad Dog, Goat, Zima, Divot, Turbine, and Circus.

Slim sent word via Slack last night that the STORM was coming, The word  was greeted with “Bring It,”  Slim had thought about bringing the original Cinder workout back from the beginning,  but with the” Bring it” comment  Slim had to change course.   Upon waking up and brewing that fresh pot of coffee, Slim was thinking about the morning’s beat down. A smile came across Slim’s face as he drove to the wreck with Cinders in tow, along with a fresh coat of paint on the General Lee.

It was 5:29 by Slim’s watch–the Pax were told to grab their Cinders. The Pax started with a Kusack up the hill to the parking lot for the warm up.

15 SSS

16 Imperial Walkers

16 Weed Pickers

From there we Kusacked  along the sidewalk, stopping at the light pole for 20 Merkins and continued the Kusack along the walkway. We then again stopped at the next pole light for 20 Curls.  When we completed the curls we continued toward the football field.  We then stopped in the parking lot to plank and wait for the 6.  We all continued to the Field where the STORM came to LIFE

We partnered up and the Instructions were as follows:

 100 squats  Hold Cinder on your chest and perform 100 Squats

T    150 Turn and Jump   Broad Jump over your and your partners                                       Cinder turn  repeat

O   200 Overhead presses with the Cinder

R   150 Rockabye Babies  Cinders out in front, twist right, then left back                         to center

 100 Man Makers Burpees with a Cinder and Squat Thruster

As some Pax were just able to finish, relief was brought to the rest by the time limit. We carried the Cinders any way possible to the parking lot and  Moseyed back to the flag. Thumper decided to  stop and do 20 Merkins on the way, which all the Pax followed .


Freddie Mercury, Sweat Angels,  American Hammers

FNG  Dead Beat Welcome

5k Saturday

Hogwallow will be pre-5k, look at Slack for details

Silent Prayers for Sprocket and his family


Virginia Slim Out


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