Wednesday at the Hooch.


When: 08/29/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Scrooge, Boomer, Sneakers, Piggy, RediMix, Sunshine, Jimbo, Catfish, Simba, Feathers

YHC grabbed the reigns for this Wednesday’s HOOCH joyride.   11 PAX rose to the challenge.

The main event was a 20 minute sweatfest of various exercise stations arranged in a circle with a middle station that was to be completed between each station.  The PAX would complete the 10 reps owed at the exercise station on the outside, then sprint to the middle for 5 star jumps, before then moving on to the next station on the outside of the circle.  We rinsed and repeated making our way around the circle.  The stations on the outside consisted of Rolling Banana with Pikes, Step-through lunges (10 each leg), pull-ups, inverted rows, left to right plank jumps, pistol squats (10 each leg), and swerkins.  AMRAP for 20 minutes.

We did some various warm-ups and exercises on the way to the park and back.

Moleskin: We have plenty of launches near us…find them and help get them rolling.

COT: Prayers for confidence for many of the PAX today.  It manifests itself in different ways, but the bottom line is we need to trust in something bigger than ourselves and know that the craziness will work itself out and that there is a plan.

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