NOMAD’r How Far North

AO: The Firehouse

When: 08/28/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Whiz, Reuben, Fudd, Baker, Dash, Picker, Snowden, Bandit

As the end of the month and spearhead challenge was approaching, YHC had one last box to check for Q’ing at an AO I don’t normally post at.  I don’t get up to the Firehouse enough to visit with my former Big Creek HIM’s and knew it was a great excuse to make it happen.  Here’s how my nomad Q went down.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Weed Picker x 15 IC
  • Hillbilly x 15 IC
  • Good Mornings x 10 IC


Line up at the bottom of the upper parking lot for a miserable routine I endured from Cricket called the C.L.I.M.B.  Each letter represents an exercise and you do 5 rounds with increasing rep counts and a backwards mosey up the hill to the flagpole and run back down.  Both legs always count as 1.

Round 1

  • C-rab cakes x 1
  • L-unges x 2
  • I-mperial walkers x 3
  • M-erkins x 4
  • B-urpees x 5

Round 2

  • C-rab cakes x 2
  • L-unges x 4
  • I-mperial walkers x 6
  • M-erkins x 8
  • B-urpees x 10

Round 3

  • C-rab cakes x 3
  • L-unges x 6
  • I-mperial walkers x 9
  • M-erkins x 12
  • B-urpees x 15

Round 4

  • C-rab cakes x 4
  • L-unges x 8
  • I-mperial walkers x 12
  • M-erkins x 16
  • B-urpees x 20

Round 5

  • C-rab cakes x 5
  • L-unges x 10
  • I-mperial walkers x 15
  • M-erkins x 20
  • B-urpees x 25

Next line up along the curb for a modified bear crawl indian run of sorts.  Each PAX is shoulder-to-shoulder doing dirty hookups on the curb while the last guy bear crawls to the end of the line.  Rinse and repeat for 2 full rounds.

With our shoulders nice and smoked from that, we ran a black mamba around to the top of the upper lot on our way to the pavilion where we partnered up for some wall work.

Round 1:

Partner 1 does a wall sit while partner 2 does donkey kicks.  Flapjack until 100 combined donkey kicks are done.

Round 2:

Partner 1 does BTTW while partner 2 does dying cockroaches (both legs count as 1).  Flapjack until 100 combined dying cockroaches are done.

With a few minutes left before Mary, we circled up for a couple rounds of howling monkeys.  First round with monkey humpers followed by gorilla humpers for round 2.


  • J-lo’s x 20 IC
  • Side plank dips x 10 IC each side


Really solid group of men up at the Firehouse and it was truly a privilege to get the opportunity to lead there.  Their numbers are growing too and I’m sure some expansion up North is in the not too distant future.  Speaking of expansion, YHC is planning to launch an new Mon-Weds AO at Sharon Springs park to pull sad clowns from Chattahoochee River Club and Windermere soon before it starts getting cold again.  EH everyone you know if that area!



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