Dances with Poles


When: 08/27/2018


PAX (): Windex, Rusty, Divot, Zima, Jackalope, Sprocket, Hat Trick, Radar, Grease Monkey, Thumper, Bieber, Swamp Donkey, Crap Legs, Rooney, Squeegee, Doogie, Foley, Aflac, DD

Poles aren’t just for dancers fellows, it also makes a great workout.  To kick Monday in the face, we made use of almost every pole in the park.  While no singles changed hands (to my knowledge), 19 PAX ran from pole to pole exercising at each one.  Along the way, we had some good nature trash talk and coupon punishment as well.

The Thang:

Warm up:

  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Peter Parkers
  • 10 Side Straddle Hops


We moseyed for about 1.6 miles stopping at every lamp post (pole) to exercise.  The first series of post required:

10 Merkins

Side Straddle Hop for the 6

20 LBC’s

Plank for the 6

Then 10 Big Boy Sit-ups

Monkey Humper for 6

Then 10 Jump Squats

Squats for 6

Then 10 Lunge Walks before Moseying to next pole

Mosey to water drainage ditch for coupon work

In all, we averaged about 100 of each with almost 200 LBC’s.

PAX were encouraged to get 30 lb rocks.

  • 40 curls
  • 40 skull crushers
  • Break
  • 30 Curls
  • 30 skull crushers
  • Break
  • 20 Curls
  • 20 skull crushers
  • Break
  • 10 Curls
  • 10 Skull crushers
  • Mosey back to flag


Diamond Merkins

A-Merkins (Aflac Merkins) – Go down to ground and then never extend your arms back up from the ground through the entire set

The DoubleD -Lean back, arms folded, one foot in front of the other and then rock forwards and then back

Dying cockroach

10 Burpees

American Hammer


Q’s for the week from the Wreck:

  • I-Beam (who may or may not be a fictitious person) has the Rubicon Tuesday
  • Bronco – Wreck Wednesday
  • Bear (who may run into the woods and not return for days)- Rubicon Thursday
  • Circus – Wreck Friday
  • Some talk over ability to actually do the Iron Pax challenge this week due to availability of pull ups for all PAXs and place to run 25 yards at a time near pull up bars – Not sure if any of the above PAX want to figure this out and dedicate their Q to it

S Talk:

Plenty of chatter today, but the winner may be Sprocket, who after the beat down, basically insinuated it was a non-beat down and needed to be wearing a weight vest to make it worth his time.  #ThanksSproket

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