Step on a crack, and you…

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 08/10/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Scrooge, Sunshine, Sneakers, Jimbo, Flo, Feathers, Saint20

7 PAX strong for the return (not to be confused with Bushw0.0d) on a steamy Friday morning.

Here’s what went down as best as I can remember:

YHC got to the site early and did some chalk drawings.  I basically drew two agility ladders  on the sidewalk (hence the step on a crack title) which we would use later, but first…


Run to the fence and back for some slow windmills with an odd cadence (apparently the don’t like my slow soothing voice).

Secondary warm-up:

Quick feet, with turns, and burpees.  YHC set a timer for 1 minute the group would fast feet waiting on the call.  YHC would call either left, right, or down.  Left= left quarter turn

Right= right quarter trun

Down= burpee

3 rounds and we were warm for sure.

Agility Chalk Ladder:

Moseyed up the stairs to where YHC had drawn out the agility ladders.  Here’s what we did

Round 1:

Station 1: Go back and forth down the agility ladders with different approaches (provided by YHC at various times)  .  Run down the stairs to Station 2 for the following:

Station 2: 25 Frog Hop Merkins/50 side to side hops/50 front to back hops/ 50 Power L’s…plank for the six then mosey back to station 1

Round 2:

Station 1: different agility ladder traversing…down to station 2

Station 2: 20 Frog Hop Merkins/40 side to side hops/40 front to back hops/ 40 Power L’s…plank for the six then mosey back to station 1

Round 3: basically the same with 15/30/30/30 rep counts of the station 2 exercises.

Round 4: basically the same with 10/20/20/20 rep counts of the station 2 exercises.

Round 5:  basically the same with 5/10/10/10 rep counts of the station 2 exercises.

With time left on the play clock we moseyed over to the brick pike and grabbed two small coupons.  15 reps of bent over rows/with kickbacks, slow curls, lateral rows, and front rows.  Rinsed and repeated.

Moseyed back to the bottom of the hill at 6:15 on the dot.

COT:  Prayers up for tough work situations,  school, authentic friendships, PAX that are on the mend, and other good stuff.

Fist bumps and we were all set to leave until…we noticed old glory had fallen and punishment was due. 13 burpees on the way out for good measure.


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