Sneaks up on ya….

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/30/2018

PAX: Wide Right, Boggle, Sparky, Baby Face, Cha-Ching, Gritty, Tweaker, Secret, Homer, Yahtzee, Percy, Turbine

QIC: Turbine

YHC has enjoyed several dance parties with Ha-ha and his girlfriends [the sand bag friends that have traveled the southeast in his ‘yota]. It was time to bring the dance party to The Galaxy. Unfortunately, the dance partners in East Cobb don’t like to cozy up much as Ha-ha’s girlfriends, but the tunes were just as good. 


After a disclaimer, mozy to the picnic pavilion for:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • The Windmill
  • Arm Circles (Abe Vigoda)

The Thang

Everyone was instructed to grab a nice cold hunk of granite of suitable “lifting” size.

Partner A does exercise until partner B returns from a lap around the restroom (up the stairs and down the sidewalk). Flip flop. The exercise continues until the song ends.

    • Standing Curls – Welcome to the Jungle (GNR)
    • Overhead Press – Conspiracy (Black Crows)
    • Standing Tricep Extension – Howlin’ for You (Black Keys)
    • Crouching Cohen Curls – Layla (Clapton)
    • Bent Over Rows – Hey Ya! (OutKast)
    • Lying Skull Crusher – Exodus (Bob Marley)
    • Wood Chopper – Thriller (Michael Jackson)
    • Merkin – Statesboro Blues (Allmon Brothers)

Who knew Exodus went on forever? Bob Marley was much for writing a lot of lyrics….he sure can repeat the same thing over and over and over and still make it sound good. And he sure got the mumble-chatter going in the gloom today. 

The stairs weren’t something you put a lot of thought into as far as a challenge for the workout. You could take them in twos or try to leap whole sets, but you just went on your marry way up them. Well, now YHC’s legs are reminding me about the stairs.  They’re sneaky things. 

We had a couple minutes left when we got back to the parking lot for American hammers and LBC Freddy Mercury’s.


Looking to get a CPR class together on November 9th. Just a need to find a warm spot to host it. Look on Slack for a sign-up. 

Looking for ideas for a holiday 3rd F event/initiative. Contact Turbine or Squeegee with ideas. 

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