B-day Q with a hint of hurricane

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/11/2018

PAX: WideRight, Sparky, Turbine, Yahtzee, Secret

QIC: Chelsea

Went to bed a little nervous that the arrival of hurricane michael might bring cause to cancel a long awaited beat down. The night didn’t disappoint with YHC up at all hours of the night with a 2.0, a yellow lab, and weather.

5am and YHC was all but waiting in the car to get this party started.


At 5:30 sharp 5 PAX took off from the flag and started an off-site mosey – 1/2 mile up the hill and 1/2 mile back to get the body nice and warm

Hillbillys x 11
Weed Picker x 11
***@Secret joined the party but no one knows where exactly he came from***
Toy Soldiers x 11 (courtesy of @WideRight)


The theme for the day was easy – 33

We moseyed to the big lot and did a series of sprints
1 @ easy pace
x33 Flutter kicks
1 @ 50% pace
x33 American Hammers
1 @ 100% pace
x33 Flutter kicks – cue mumble chatter

Mosey on to the lower field for a series of 11s.
11s round 1 – swamp field
11s round 2 – stage
Squats/Bonnie Blairs (@sparky figured out YHC’s plan to total 33 at this point)
11s round 3 – flag
Freddie Mercurys/Mountain Climbers

Time caused us to fall a few reps short on round 3 but kudos to the PAX for pushing all the way to the bell.


*Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Michael
*Prayers for Wide Right’s 2.0 having seizures
*Prayers for those traveling
*Convergence on Oct. 20th 7am sharp – Wills Park aka Rubicon – if anyone wants to plan for a carpool then start the chatter in slack #galaxy

Thanks for a memorable b-day.
Always a pleasure to lead.

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