High-Intensity Partner Circuit

AO: The Last Stand

When: 2024-04-24

QIC: Sparky

PAX (5): Ballerina, Fireball, Jorts, Sparky, Steamer

The Thang:

- **Activity**: Shuttle run and static exercise pairs - **Structure**: Partner workout with one person running and the other performing a constant exercise, then switching **Warm-Up**: Not specified - assumed general dynamic movements to prepare for high-intensity work **Main Workout**: 1. **First Round**: - One partner runs between 3 cones placed in the parking lot, touching each cone and performing a prescribed number of repetitions (10-15-20) at each stop. - The second partner performs **planks** consistently while waiting for the running partner to return. - Upon return, partners switch roles with the running partner now doing **merkins**. 2. **Second Round**: - Running partner repeats the shuttle runs with the same 10-15-20 structure. - Stationary partner performs **squats**, switching to **air chairs** when the running partner returns. 3. **Third Round**: - Shuttle runs repeated by one partner. - The other completes **lunges** continuously, switching to **bonnie Blairs** afterward. 4. **Fourth Round**: - The running sequence continued by one partner. - The waiting partner does the **side straddle hop**, changing to **star jumps** upon the runner's return. 5. **Fifth Round**: - Shuttle run as previously described. - Partner exercises include **werkins** and holding **planks** during the switch. **Cool Down**: Not specified - likely included a period of lower-intensity movements and stretching. **Highlights**: - **Steamer**: Noted for making loud, unusual noises during the workout, resembling a famous adult film star, adding a humorous element. - **Fireball**: Shared a dramatic story about a soap opera-like situation happening at the firehouse, providing an entertaining backdrop to the workout session. **Notes**: - This workout was high-intensity with a focus on cardio from shuttle runs and muscle endurance from the static exercises. - The use of partner exercises encouraged motivation and accountability. - The primary focus was on maintaining constant movement and intensity. - The dynamic of the group was positive, with humorous and engaging moments that likely contributed


Continued prayers for Marisa and the Lee family as they continue the good fight against cancer.

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