4 leafs

AO: Big Creek

When: 2024-03-13

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (8): Corn Dog, Crab Cake, DirtyMO, Jiminy, Mantooth, Schneider, Valley Girl, Whiz


I’ve been fartsacking too much lately.. one remedy is to sign up to Q!


Head to the baseball fields for WMH, Weed Pickers, SSH, Wind Mills

The Thang:

Core Crusher Toll Booth every 2 trees.  Hit a toll booth, deposit core exercise, return to base and deposit 3 burpees before ascending to the next toll booth (and honoring all toll booths along the way)
  • Toll Booth 1: 20 LBCs
  • Toll Booth 2: 30 Supermans
  • Toll Booth 3: 40 Dying Cockroaches SC
  • Toll Booth 4: 50 X Factors SC
  Baseball Doras Partner 1 runs entire infield dirt area. Partner 2 AMRAP exercise.  3 rounds each exercise.
  • Field 1: Merkins
  • Field 2: Donkey Kicks
  • Field 3: Carolina Dry Docks
  • Field 4: Deep Squat Jumps
11’s on stoop - Box Jumps and Dips


  • Whiz Sleep
  • Mantooth projects
  • Any local PAX with a lot on their shoulders right now

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We carry a lot on our shoulders.  It’s supposed to be that way but that doesn’t make it easier.  Glad we have fellow PAX to journey together with during the ups and downs.  Sometimes simply saying ‘I’m struggling right now’ to trusted PAX can be just the lift you need.   Hit Baseball fields for Spring.  Tried to Strava Art a 4 leaf clover for St Paddy’s.  It was kinda ok, probably coulda done better.  TWSS

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