AO: The Last Stand

When: 2024-03-11

QIC: Ballerina

PAX (3): Ballerina, McLovin (Amir Oren), Tuba


I love emom


Side straddle hop, weed picker, bear hug, skull clap, toy soldier, mosey

The Thang:

EMOM - every minute on the minute complete exercise called by QIC merkins-as many as possible squats-as many as possible merkins-20 squats-20 Mountain climbers-25 alpha count merkins-20 squats-20 merkins-20 squats-20 burpees-10 lunges-as many as possible Stone Mountain- 20 lunges-20 stone mountain-20 captain Thors-20 lunges-as many as possible stone mountains- 20 lunges-20 stone mountains-20 plank bbs-as many as possible flutter kick-1 min bbs-20 flutter kick-1 min Burpees-10 Lbc- 20 peter Parker-30 sec lbc-20 peter parker-30 sec captain Thors-as many as possible burpees-5 burpees-5 stretch  


Gratitude, prayers for those struggling with addiction, disease, and fighting overseas. Moment of silence

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