Meatball Monday

AO: The Hooch

When: 2024-03-11

QIC: Meatball

PAX (22): Animal, BallBoy, Birdie, Bo Knows, Boomer, Feathers, Flo, Half-Dozen, Humperdinck, McCracken, Meatball, Octane, Pigtails, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter (Matt Rowand), PuffDaddy, Scrooge, Spackle, Splinter, Sunshine, Quarter Round, Julius




SSH Toy Soldiers WeedPickers Hillbillies Michael Phelps Windmill

The Thang:

This morning's F3 workout was a glorious display of how the QIC (Questionably Ingenious Commander) effortlessly dismantled the PAX. As we leisurely moseyed to the Perimeter Track, stopping for the Six with squats as our impromptu warm-up, the Q realized I had forgotten my speaker. The dream of an epic soundtrack was crushed, but we embraced the chaos, attempting to sing until the Q swiftly shut down our vocal stylings. The plan was deviously simple yet effective - 25 Big Boy sit-ups followed by 4 200 m track laps, interspersed with Alpha Count Flutters, squats, and pickle pointers. We dropped a lap each time and went up by 50 on the exercises.  The mumble chatter hit its peak during the pickle pointers, but we soldiered on. We picked up the Six with a victory lap, hit the bleachers for 25 dips, 20 derkins, and 20 step-ups, and then moseyed back through the parking lot, waiting for the Six with imperial walkers. The grand finale involved line drills with 3 Burpees at every line until we triumphantly reached the flag, calling time on a workout that left the PAX both exhausted and enlightened.


Animals band is playing ITP this weekend. Go Check it out Saturday evening 7:30 Red Light Cafe Prayers for Splinters MIL Prayers for Feathers work situation  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead and serve!

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