Don’t forget to tape your nipples

AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-02-23

QIC: Townie

PAX (7): Caroline, Cookie, Dipstick, Judge Wapner, Milli Vanilli, Townie, uga


Site Q realized we had no Q around 5pm the night before, threw it out there to the PAX and got no takers.  In fact, I wasn't sure if anyone would be out there working out with me so we went Nuclear with an @channel (for Dipstick) and picked up a few HC's as well as a Cookie Coffee HC


Typical mosey to the dam for the usual of WMH, SSH, WP, Arm Circles, MPs

The Thang:

As Q by default today I had no plan in mind rather to make it up as we go so we agreed upon a Merkin Mile up to Clubhouse and back.  10 merkins every x street on way up, 15 flutter kicks on every x street on way down.  The Windjammer has a rep for being a bit on the soft side due to our country club(ish) location and occasional mimosas but our merkin mile is legit.  The heart-attack hill to start the 2nd 1/4 mile is no joke especially so early in the run after 30 merkins.   After a 2.x merkin mile we stopped at the flag and ran Colt 45's x 3 with a small mosey in between to allow the upper body a break.   Mosey back the long way to the flag and ran some mary including 20 Derkins, Hammers, michael phepls, moraccan night clubs and then Caroline ruined the fun with 10 burpees to bring us to time.


Prayers up for all those who need it in Athens this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

"Don't forget to tape your nipples" was advice given to our very own @cookie who is running a full marathon on Sunday AM.  While we won't be there physically to cheer him on, we'll be pulling for him while warmly snuggled in the fart sack on a cold morning instead.  Pretty much the same thing.  In all seriousness - kick some ass on Sunday, Cook!   Nice to have you back Judge Wapnah, DR from Jax area.  Welcome back anytime "2nd ability group" :)

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