Too Much Tabata

AO: Boneyard

When: 2024-02-16

QIC: Irene

PAX (11): Bo Knows, FannyPack, Half-Dozen, Hitchcock, Mater, Pigtails, Reboot, Speedo, Stifler, Brownie


The Irene Alpha/Johns Creek Q-tour continues with Q 2 of the week. I've got a running list of beatdown ideas and I thought I'd try out my Tabata meter idea for this beatdown.


Pax assembled early (except for Reboot) for some mumblechatter before the BD. No FNGs though, so the intro was quick with a brief disclaimer. Off we go with a Mosey around the parking lot to collect Reboot. SSH, Windmills, Toy Soldiers, World's Greatest Stretch, Arm Circles, and COVIDs. To the Turf!

The Thang:

Pax assembled on the turf for a rundown on what we'd be doing.
  1. Partner up
  2. Tabata for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest
  3. Count your reps then compare them to your partner
  4. Remember the difference
  5. Three rounds total of Tabata with all differences adding up.
  6. After Tabata completes One pax in the partnership does reps of an exercise while all Pax hold a rep for the 6.
Its a lot harder to understand written down and said, but Pax got it after one round. 1st Round: Alpha American Hammers Alpha J. Los Alpha Freddie Mercuries Difference: Losing Pax does Alpha Peter Parkers while everyone else Planks 2nd Round: Mosey to Mater's Parking Lot; New Partners Mike Tyson's Reverse LBCs Jump Squats Difference: Winning Pax does Groiners while all Pax Air Chair 3rd Round: Mosey to the Pavilion; New Partners Dips Derkins Donkey Kicks Difference: (Hello) Dollies for the losing Pax while everyone does 6 inches 4th Round: Mosey to the Playground; New Partners Alpha Step-ups Alpha Wingnuts Alpha 1-legged Donkey Kicks Difference: Each Team does Burpees! 5th Round: Mosey to the Rock Pile; New Partners Curls Rows Kettlebell Swings Difference: OH Press while everyone Rifle Carry's Bonus 6th Round: Mosey to the turtle pond; New Partners Merkins Squats LBCs Difference: Burpees for Everyone! Mosey through the tunnel back to the flag for 5 Minutes of Mary. Dying Cockroach -> ___ -> 20 Big Boys -> Tempo Merkins -> 20 American Hammers -> Dying Cockroach


Prayers, Praises, and Announcements: 1. Praise for Bo Knows upcoming Baptism at Northpoint Church (east wing) 2. Prayers for Ashlynn (Irene's Friend's 5 yo Daughter) who started 42 weeks of chemo for Kidney Cancer yesterday. 3. Prayers for Better Call Saul's Mom who started Chemo recently as well. 4. Stroller (on Slack) reminded everyone of St. Brigid's Fish Fry every Friday in Lent. Come over and see Stroller, Dinghy, and Irene serving fish for charity.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was a pleasure to lead this morning. Thank you all for the positive feedback on my Qs. It motivates me to keep coming up with new, different things to try out. I'll try to get out to the Boneyard more often so I can see you all in the Gloom.

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