Reading Is Fundamental

AO: Galaxy

When: 2024-02-13

QIC: Drain Hole

PAX (9): Compost, Fondue Guy, Jackalope, Mountain Mama, Percy, Spirit Fingers, Tweaker, Wideright


Imagine the surprise when YHC awoke this morning after volunteering in Slack to take the Q for a sick @woody only to see messages immediately below our conversation by @jackalope and @tweaker conferring/questioning who was leading the BD... FFS, gentlemen. With that level of situational awareness, you're simply making it too easy for the enemy. If we're not going to be smart, at least we'll be strong.


For a quick warm-up before the BD, YHC decided to provide the following:
  • 25x SSHs
  • 10x Weed pickers
  • 10x Abe Vigoda
  • 5x Warm-up Merkins
  • 9x Bear hugs
Then we moseyed to the first exercise area.

The Thang:

We gathered around a different side of the pit of despair at ECP to accomplish the first part of the BD... 11's. The atmosphere was rife w/@jackalope providing colorful commentary.
  • Burpees at the top of the hill
  • Bear crawl down the hill
  • Kung Flus at the bottom of the hill
  • Bernie Sanders up the hill
Once we were good and loose, we headed over to grab some coupons for our next adventure...
  • 10x each w/coupon (PAX calling cadence / Alpha count at their discretion):
    • Squat Pulses
    • Lunge Holds
    • Kung Flus
    • Calf Raises
    • Imperial Squat Walkers
    • Lunge Pulses
  • Sprint across the parking lot, Bobby Hurley, Bernie Sanders back
  • 20x repeat of the above exercises w/coupon
  • Bear crawl to the first parking line, 5x Donkey kicks, Crab walk back
  • 10x repeat of the above exercises w/coupon (until time)
With time drawing to a close, we placed our coupons back in their previous places and headed to the circle.


Prayers for Doug, Arieh, FG's mom, Marisa, and those brothers we haven't seen in a while. There was a brief speech by YHC about accountability and reaching out to those we haven't had contact with in a while.

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