I <3 Cinders

AO: School Of Rock

When: 2024-02-14

QIC: Irene

PAX (9): Deep dish, Dipstick, False Start, Knight Rider, lumbergh, Seaman, Stu, Zohan


Dipstick, looking for an excuse to embarrass himself, put out a call for Qs to cover all of February and bring out at least 5 PAX. Not wanting to let Dipstick down, I grabbed Valentine's Day and decided to let the Pax declare their love of Cinders. YHC came in hot - my mistake for respecting red lights at 5AM - and tried to drag two cinders out of my trunk. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold two cinders, a phone, and a speaker, and the a cinder slipped. One fallen soldier down at the School of Rock (we should leave a count somewhere!).


Pax were dutifully waiting for YHC as Zohan called time to start the beatdown. YHC looked around, saw no FNGs, dropped a quick disclaimer and introduction, now off to the real work. Pax circled up in the parking lot with their cinders. Three steps back to get some space before SSH, Mountain Climbers, Willie Mays Hays, Imperial Walkers, Monkey Arms, and COVIDs (14 of each for Valentine's Day). Alright, Cinders up and no putting them down for the rest of the beatdown. Shoulder carry to the track at one end of the bleachers.

The Thang:

First Thangs First: Rifle Carry Races Pax lined up near the beginning of the 100M straight. 15 Merkins on the cinder, Clean (lift the block from the ground to overhead) to Rifle Carry, walk (or if you're Lumbergh mosey) the 100M straight, 15 Merkins, Clean to Rifle Carry, and walk back. Upon return, each Pax does 2x your finishing position in Alpha J.Los on the block (don't let go of that block). 2nd Race: 10x Kettle Bell Swings with Mountain Climbers at the finish. 3rd Race: Flutterkicks (Cinder OH) with no finishing exercise Main Thang: Stadium Stair Dora (w/ the Cinders) 1 Pax works at the base of the stadium stairs, 1 Pax carries a cinder up and down the stairs. 100 Goblet Squats 200 Curls 300 Chest Press on the Bleachers Some Pax were able to perform a bonus Mary: I heard LBCs and something else - maybe more. New Thangs: YHCs workout was complete as planned but that just left more time to try new Thangs. Goblet Carry to the grass on the side of the bleachers near the flag. Pax circled up and tried "Plank Pendulums" (we can workshop a better name). Just like a GoRuck commercial, Pax start in High Plank over their Cinders. Pax then reach underneath themselves, grab the cinder, and drag it to one side - 1 rep. Flap Jack to reach Alpha count. 10x Alpha Plank Pendulums (not too bad, but the grass may disagree) Next, "Cinder Circles." Pax pair up and stand back-to-back. Pax pass a cinder around to the right from Pax 1 to Pax 2. Pax 2 carries the cinder around their body to the right and then passes it back to Pax 1 - 1 Rep. 10x Cinder Cirlces Alpha (10 to the Right then 10 to the Left) (There were some grumbles, but it felt like a good workout) Last new Thang: Cinder Snake. Pax lined up and sat on the ground in American Hammer Position. A single cinder was passed down the line and back while Pax kept their feet off the ground - some even did hammers. 5x (Alpha - There and Back) Cinder Snakes Time Remained for Mary: 10 4-ct Diamond Merkins, 20 4-ct Flutterkicks.


Prayers, Praises, and Announcements:
  1. 1 Burpee for our fallen soldier (my cinder from the beginning)
  2. Prayers for anyone who's sick - there's a ton of nasty floating around.
  3. Prayers for Ashlynn Nelson (5) - Irene's friend's daughter who had her kidney removed following a cancer diagnosis. She starts chemo tomorrow (2/15)
  4. Prayers for Better Call Saul's Mother - she's starting Chemo soon as well.
Townie's on Q next week. Keep on coming out to School of Rock. Dipstick needs the Pax so he can show off his costume collection in March.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was a pleasure to lead today and every day. Thank you all for the positive feedback on my Qs (even Stu's grumbling is positive feedback!). I appreciate hearing it and it keeps me working to come up with new and interesting things. My Q-tour of Alpha Central and Johns Creek (I'm trying to Q at each AO at least once in this calendar year) continues Friday at the Boneyard. School of Rock was the third AO for the year, Boneyard on 2/16 will be 4, and Hooch on 2/28 will be 5. Come on out to see what I can come up with for these new locations.

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