The Whisper Counter on Q

AO: Academy

When: 02/13/2024

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (7): Caffey, Cookie, Devito, lumbergh, Mayhem, MillerTime


He’s Back at Academy after a short 5+ month hiatus. YHC grabbed the Q last week knowing it would be a challenge to keep up with the hardened and rugged men of The Academy.


But when YHC found out it would only be a 55 minute BD….no problem at all, haha!


Sorta if you count slow moseying through the parking lot and then doing 10 burpees while waiting on HotSauce to show….

The Thang:

First stopped at corner by Brooke Street Park for a set of 21’s. This is where the infamous “Whisper Counter” would attempt to throw the pax off their game. It worked as Mayhem faltered just  a bit so the men had a 10 burpee penalty.

Light poles:
Bear Crawl/Mosey and 5 Mountain Goats at every light. Where there were no lights, the Q called for the Mountain Goats!
BLIMPS at parking deck going up (escalator):
Burpees x5
Lunges x10 (alpha)
Imperial Walkers x15
Mountain Climbers x20
Plank Jacks x25
Squats x30
OYO to the top with some mary for the six.
Green Space:
Knerkins x25 – catalyst
American Hammers
Monkey Humpers
*(No) Thanks to HotSauce, Mayhem was left without a partner and had to do all of the above exercises solo.
Parking Deck #2:
Stairs with following at top and bottom: (just realized YHC mixed up the Dry Docks and Bonnie Blairs…oops)
5 – Bonnie Blair’s
10 – Carolina Dry Docks
15 – LBC
X 2 rounds at top AND bottom!
Back to flag for some Jack Webbs (Merkins/Air Presses 1:4 ratio)
6:10 and time…..Time for some Paczki’s that is!!!


Thankful for the men of F3 for always being there in times of need. Continued prayers for YHC’s 2.0 as he goes through some battles and ups/downs.


Hillseeker – March 1-3

Crabapple Beer Ruck – March 23

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great morning with the men of Academy and HotSauce would have really rounded out this morning and made it the BEST. Too bad he slept through his alarm


Good little Paczki Convergence as well with the Rubicon men this morning as there were 17 combined for some parking lot coffeeteria and jelly donuts….I mean Packi’s! Thanks Special K!!!

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