Clipping Coupons

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-02-09

QIC: Vanna

PAX (9): DirtyMO, Hail Mary, jugdish, Omaha, Paparazzi, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper


We moseyed around the way to the parking lot near the park entrance and did some SSH, Willy Mays Hayes, Short Batwing, Good Mornings and Weed Pickers.  From there, we ran around the football field, gathered a coupon we were okay getting to know very well.

The Thang:

Simple concept - Indian run around the perimeter of all the parking lots carrying your coupon.  The last person stops, drops their coupon, pounds. out 5 burpees and then runs to catch up with the line, getting in front.  When the runner catches the back of the line, the last person stops and does burpees...continue on.  We did 1 1/2 laps and that took about 30 minutes. We then stopped and did rows, curls, presses, skull crushers, abs, etc - all with the coupon.  Once we'd done that enough we moseyed back to the flag, returned our coupons and did a little Mary.


Prayers for Snowman's family.  I'd also ask keeping our family in your thoughts as I continue looking for a new gig.  Thanks.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Saw a great quote by Michael J Fox I love....."gratitude allows optimism to be sustained".

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