RTR Prep

AO: TrailBlazer

When: 2024-02-03

QIC: Shortcake

PAX (2): Shortcake, Sweeper (Matt Haywood (Sweeper))


On the cusp of Red Top Rumble, we assembled 2 runners who set out to make themselves ready for the task ahead. Much training has come together for many F3 PAX going into Sunday. We look at our progression from Day 1, and we see growth, on an individual and group level. We see plans being made for further races. We see conversations and questions being answered regarding running form, warm up, pacing, nutrition, training progression, etc. Our togetherness will bring growth.


We looked at one another. Pounded fists and set out.

The Thang:

A light run at 9:30 min/mile pace. Ran from Milton High School around Crabapple and through neighborhoods then up and through beginning of Six Hills and back to Nirvana.


Red Top Rumble is tomorrow! Let's Go! Helenback Trail Run in mid April. Details forthcoming. Registration is now.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead. Into the dark, we go.

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