Fun with Tires

AO: Halo

When: 08/18/2021

QIC: Wideright

PAX (4): Tweaker, Abacus, warbucks and me


disclaimer and warm up, IC 10x:

Moroccan night clubs, seal claps, bear hugs, toy soldiers and swimmers

grab tires and head to the curb

The Thang:


round 1 – cusak with tire to line, 5x curls, add 5 at each line

round 2 – spare tire walk and merkins at each line

round 3 – tire throws to each line and big boys with tires

round 4 – over head carries to each line and curls at each

50x  chest press between each round and exercise for the 6 each time

mosey to flag….TIME!



nugget with covid and Fondue taking care of her

brothers traveling

peace and understanding for Warbucks situation

healing for all those suffering from disease, sickness and addiction

our country and leadership!

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