Yellow Sweatpants VQ

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/01/2021

QIC: Fire Drill

PAX (13): Bo Knows, Laces, Scratch-Off, Brownie, Vertigo, Stroller, Tebow, ISS, Dreamer, Cheneral, Tar Heel, Speed, Fire Drill


Anticipation of the VQ started about a month ago. YHC did not know what to expect – too easy? too hard? Time? Names of exercises? YHC learned quickly that you got WAY more tired leading than being a participant. Although most of the workout went according to the plan – YHC must admit there were some slight modifications made due to the fact YHC was struggling to breathe and talk.


Standard disclaimer but also advised some exercises were not typical and to modify if necessary. With all due respect to the international beat down by Zohan on Tuesday, YHC deemed it appropriate for a 4th of July/Patriotic theme to the soundtrack for the VQ beatdown. Mosey to the upper parking lot where we started with some SSH, Hillbillies, Weed Pickers, and Mountain Climbers
Mosey down to the athletic fields where we continued to mosey while sprinting the baseline portion of the route.

The Thang:

1st Round: We partnered up (with a PAX of similar “girth”) and lined up on the “red” line. YHC demonstrated “spinners” which consisted of one partner providing a good base on their hands and knees while the other partner placed their chest on the upper portion of partner 1’s back. The PAX on top would spin in one direction maintaining chest to back contact for 5 rotations (YHC may have left out that small detail in the initial demonstration). Once 5 rotations were completed in one direction, switch directions for another 5 rotations. After recovering to equilibrium, both partners did 5 reps of Makhtar N’Diayes. Switch positions for the next round of spinners followed by another 5 reps of Makhtar N’Diayes. On completion, one partner “loads” up the other partner in a fireman’s carry position and carries from red line to midfield. Mosey back to the red line where the other partner completes the same carry

2nd Round: With same partner, YHC developed (invented) a 2 man obstacle course consisting of one partner standing in a “wide air chair” position while the other partner drops, 1 merkin, army crawl through the partners legs, and returns to starting position with a leap frog over partners back. Complete 5 reps and both partners do 10 reps of monkey humpers. Other partner, rinse and repeat. On completion, one partner “dead man carry” from red line to midfield. Mosey back to the red line where the other partner completes the same carry. * Explanation of a dead man carry – stand behind partner and drag with arms around upper chest. Other suggestions for naming this particular carry would be appreciated.
For recovery before next exercises, we moseyed the same route around the field while sprinting the baseline.

3rd Round: No partner. Two exercises on the baseline 15-10-5 reps. Movement to midfield, sprint to opposite red line, turn around movement to midfield, sprint to starting baseline.
1st Exercise/Movement – Burpees/BBSU (15-10-5), Bear Crawl to midfield
2nd Exercise/Movement – Gorilla Humpers/Bobby Hurleys (15-10-5), Lunges to midfield
3rd Exercise/Movement – Merkins/Mountain Climbers (15-10-5), Arms above head for entire length of field and back.
For recovery into next exercises, we moseyed the same route around the field while sprinting the baseline.

4th Round: Three Man Roll. YHC struggled to provide any clarity in trying to explain this exercise. Groups of 3 starting with each person on hands and knees. Middle person side roll to their RIGHT as partner on the right jumps over the “roller”. After jumping, the jumper must immediately roll while the 3rd person jumps OVER. In essence – jump then roll, jump then roll, jump then roll. If you do not jump – you get plowed into by the roller. If you do not roll – you get landed on by the jumper. When done correctly – this exercise gets the job done. When done incorrectly – it is chaos. Props to VAX for giving it a try, but it seemed the group mostly resembled chaos.
After digging the turf pellets from every orifice of our bodies, we started an Indian run by adding a slight modification with the last person completing 2 “laps” around the line before the next person begins. YHC noted (and approved) that Stroller provided Laces with an especially longer route.
Mosey back to the flag for Mary. Props to Speedo for stepping up and bringing us home – YHC was incapable of any coherent directions.


Encouragement to re-connect with some missing PAX

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Seven months of being a part of this group of men has been a blessing. Each person has pushed me to not only be in better physical condition, but to also be a better father, husband, and friend. Thankful for the relationships that I have made with everyone and hopeful that I can provide a similar impact to others – inside and outside the group.

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