AO: Widowmaker

When: 04/28/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Haha, Boomer, MillerTime, Moonshine, Jimbo, Special K, Scar, Cookie

8 PAX came out to the Widowmaker on a beautiful spring morning, all signs pointed to a good beatdown.  Here’s what went down.

Mosey to the cul-de-sac just outside of the park entrance  for a quick warmup: SSH, Windmill, Merkin, Weedpicker

-Traverse the entire park, stopping at each sign for a workout
-Stop signs:  stop and do 5 burpees
-Speed limit signs:  merkin for every MPH
-No parking signs:  park on ground for 25 LBC
-All other signs alternating 10 squats or 10 lunges
-2 signs = double
-Plank, Air Chair or six inches each time for the 6
-YHC estimated we stopped for about 50 signs, making our loop around the park in roughly 45 mins
-Leaving just enough time for 11’s at the steps – merkins at bottom, American hammer at top, 4 count
-Partner carry up stairs, switching every other time
-Mosey back toward flag stopping to pay two more Burpee stop sign tolls
-1 MOM at the flag – reverse LBC

-3 Year Anniversary cookout, 3:30p Sunday 4/29/18
-prayers for those battling illness or injuries
-YHC yet again humbled to lead today

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