Moisturizer Monday

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/09/2018

QIC: Sneakers

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Scrooge, Saint2O, Boomer, Jimbo, Sneakers, Simba, Flo, The Dab, Sunshine

Getting moist from a F3 beatdown is never a problem, but mother nature gave a bit of a help on our moisturizer Monday beatdown.  No rain, but constant drizzle was on tap for the 10 brave Pax who showed up for a Cooper workout.

Welcome back to The Dab who has been dealing with injury and illness.  Great to have you back in #TheGloom!

The Thang

Warm up with SSH, Hillbillies, and Windmills.

Mosey over toward the Church and make a pitstop for a few Supermans in cadence.  The slowdown in cadence at the end seemed to generate a bit of mumblechatter from the Pax.  🙂

Resume mosey to the track.  Our work for the moist morning continues with a Cooper combo.  10 reps of each: Burpees, squats, merkins, BigBoy Situps and then a lap around the track.  Next round decrements the count by 1.  9 reps of each and a lap, then 8 reps and a lap… hopefully you get the idea.

The last 3 or so laps were exchanged for sprints down the 100m track.  More mumblechatter about how much the Pax loves sprints!

Early birds got to do some extra Mary for the six.

Mosey back toward the flag for some Mary that everyone could enjoy.  But took a quick pitstop for some squeaky-bed Rosalitas.  YHC had to work through some personal issues to get the count properly coordinated to the movements, but quickly got squared away.

Back to the flag with an AYG across the parking lot (generating more comments of love and appreciation for the Q).

Mary included a few gut wrenching exercises of which I only remember American Hammer… it is possible the YHC passed out at some point and therefore can’t remember a couple of exercises.


  • Praise God for redeeming all things to Himself, including relationships.
  • Prayers for the upcoming Warrior Dash and support raising for Promise676.
  • Flo is performing a burpee for each dollar contributed to Sunshine’s team so give generously!
  • Scrooge’s daughter continues to improve from surgery and continued prayers are appreciated.
  • Nacho is putting together an opportunity for Pax to pool resources to sponsor a hole at the upcoming golf tournament to benefit No Longer Bound.

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