Sally, Bodies, and Fartlek

AO: WidowMaker

When: 04/07/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Ha Ha, Nacho Libre, Devito, FNG- Springer, Boomer, Zohan

YHC grabbed this reigns for a Saturday morning showdown at the Widowmaker.  To my knowledge, no widows have actually been made and we hope to keep it that way.  Thanks to Ha Ha for letting us dance with his girlfriends for a whole hour.

Here’s what we did:

Sally- Thrusters with the sandbag.  We brought Sally up and Down.

Fartlek- YHC pulled these out of his hat from way back in my soccer playing days.  We called them sectionals.  Break up the perimeter of a soccer field in to 6 segments…jog one, run one/ jog one, run two/ jog one, run three/ jog one, run four/ jog one, run five/ jog one, run six…about halfway through Devito informed me that this was called “Fart lick” training, or that’s what I thought he said, until he spelled it out for me.

Next we grabbed our girlfriends and headed over to the big hill and halted at the top.  We rotated through the PAX with one heading to the bottom, while the others did other stuff until he got back.  We did a lot of stuff while we waited, some in cadence and some OYO.  Everyone got a turn to run down and back up.

Back to the soccer field for a big finish.

YHC had downloaded another song “Bodies” after a tour of the exercises on F3Nation.  Play the song…Merkin when he counts and Donkey Kick when he says “Let the Bodies hit the floor”.  The hardest part was holding plank in between.

We ended with Burpee Dans, which is basically Lt. Dans but with a Burpee instead of a squat.

That concluded our fun.

Name-O-Rama: Welcome Springer!

COT: Prayed for safe travels, for healing, and generally good stuff.


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