Missing Babyface

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 04/07/2018

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Space Balls, Dory, Primo, Garfield, The Mole, C4, Bloodhound, Manning

What a gloomy doomy morning. Started the day with a little Pre-Beatdown run with Primo and we were joined shortly after by The Mole. I was seriously hoping no one would show up so I could catch a quick 45 minute power nap but nope, Primo had to show up and keep me from cheating on me, Thanks Primo. We were able to squeeze out a nice 5.o5 mile run before the rest of the crew arrived. Talking to Manning he said he was nice and toasty in his car, I said I would do my best to warm him up since Homeboy was AWOL. Now thoroughly soaked to the bone I am ready to commence the beat down.

The Thang;

We moseyed to the football field for some warming type exercises,

10 SSH
10 Cotton Pickers
Sun gods

After that we paired up for some Spartan Carries
First person carries the second across the football field and they perform 5 Bropees
Second person carries their buddy back and each pax does 25 calf raises with the other on his back. We did this 5 times

Next we do a Quarter pounder as a group
25 Merkins (Manning is thoroughly warmed up at this point)
50 Mountain Climbers
75 Plankjacks
100 SSH

We then took a lap around the perimeter track (1.3) miles OYO

Finished up with a Circle Jerk
Each pax leading their favorite exercise for 25 repetitions

Box cutters
Partner leg throws
Monkey Humpers

We finished up and headed back to the flag to finish up with our COT

Keeping everyone who is traveling home this weekend in our thoughts
Spartan Sprint happening next weekend at Ft. Benning. Let Babyface or I know if you have any questions.

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