Ranch Rice Cakes for Life!

AO: Paragon

When: 04/03/2018

QIC: Ricky Bobby

PAX (): Garfield, Wiggum, Spaceballs, Westside, Kiffin, Premo, Good Hands, Manning, Palin, Cricket, Hooch

Was a much smaller crowd for The Paragon today as many of the PAX traveled to resort like destinations.  12 strong men gathered today to push and support each other.

Warm-O- Rama
YHC started it off with a little mosey to the loading dock where we circled up for a few warm up exercises.
* 16 SSH IC
* 14 Cotton Pickers IC
* Finkle Swings (30 secs. each leg) OYO
* Sun Gods (30 secs. each direction) OYO

The Thang
Pax did a little mosey over to a small parking lot loop where the YHC knew there was going to be no running in the main Thang and wanted to make sure that the Pax got it in.

Partnered up and completed a little catch me if you can.  1 partner did 25 merkins while other partner ran backwards.  When partner 1 was complete, he chased partner 2 down.  Rinse and Repeat for 2 fast laps around the loop.  Planked while waiting for the 6.

Pax then mosied over to an open bus circle where YHC lead them in a fun Deck of Death match.  Here is how it laid out.

52 cards + 4 Jokers; Each suit was equal to a workout, and the number was equal to rep count.  Jacks = 11, Queen, 12, etc. Ace’s high!!!
♥ = Burpees (everyone loves burpees)
♦ = Diamond Merkins
♠ = Squat Jumps
♣ = American Hammers
🃟 = Pax member chooses exercise with count from previous card
We worked hard, and fast to make it through all 52 +4 Jokers.  Members at times, were questioning the YHC’s pace of pulling cards. But we got em all,  if my math serves me right that is a 104 count for each exercise.

Mosied back to the flag for a quick Mary.
* BBC’s IC
* Monkey Humpers IC
* Star Jumps 10 OYO


Men came with their thoughts and prayer requests.  We lifted those high.  Many of us struggle with our own battles and seasons of highs and lows.  We are reminded of how important this group is for us.
Gave thanks to Bloodhound from Kodiak for his work and the service he provides to our community.
A couple second F events coming up soon.  Painting at the men’s center, and the F3 Dads event at the Braves match.
Lastly, we spoke about the expansion opportunities coming to our community next week. 1 at Avery on Wednesday AM’s and 1 at Sequoyah Park on Thursday AM.

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