I got Big Balls!

When: 01/22/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Ralphie, Boomer, El Matador, Simba, Flo, BRD, Jimbo, the Dab, Sneakers, Saint 20, Sunshine, Scrooge, Pony Boy, Piggie,

So the new year started off right!  Flo posted on 12/31 that there was going to be a 7:00 AM workout at the Hooch on new years day.  YHC thought win/win to sleep in and get a workout in.  Well somehow later that week at the convergence through casual conversation with Flo I turned into a regular.  Now being a regular I want to pull my own weight so I offered to Q.  As a wrestling coach I have started to mix in some F3 workouts with the wrestling team and one of my favorites is a DORA with the medicine balls.  So I loaded up the truck and brought my balls to the Hooch.  

The warm up:

Quick mosey around the parking lot and a few Side Straddle Hops and Lunges.  Go over to the truck and grab the balls.  Sunshine almost took a fall catching the first medicine ball.  

The Thang:

Mosey over toward Perimeter Church.  First field on the right we partner up.  Dora with groups of three.  Two men work while one runs across the field.  

150 Ballees (Burpees with the Medicine Ball), 200 Ball Slams, 300 medicine ball sit ups.  Most groups almost finished the sit ups.  

Mosey back towards the flag when Simba had a great idea about each group carrying the med ball back in steps of three.  The Pax learned quick and they looked like a well oiled machine by they were back to the flag.  

COT: Praise for the group.  Nice to have men in your corner that want to live in community with you.

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