Introduction to the 4×4

When: 01/20/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): Saint 20, haha, millertime, devito, saban, swiper, flo, FNG Dave Holland (warhead)

With an hour pre-Ruck tucked firmly under our belts, 4 PAX including 1 FNG (welcome warhead!) were joined by 5 others for an introduction to the 4×4 beat down. A 4×4 is a burpee with 4 merkins and 4 IC mountain climbers; for the duration of the BD, PAX were instructed¬†to perform 4x4s anytime they were waiting on the six. Needless to say, some viewed the 4×4 as a sort of punishment for finishing ahead of others…here’s what went down


Mosey into the upper lot, around and down into the lower lot, circle up near the flag.

YHC asked devito to lead the PAX in SSH IC (quietly) while the disclaimer was given to our FNG. YHC then led Body Builders x10 IC

Next we moseyed to the rock pile for a smallish coupon, unless you’re flo, then you grab the exact opposite of smallish, and we headed back to the trailhead next to the entrance lot:

Jacobs Ladder, “coupon” style. 7x up the hill, adding 3 burpees on the bridge at the top each time up, carrying your coupon to and fro. Total 84 burpees

Mosey back to the rock pile area for 11’s with your coupon. At the bottom perform 1 rock curls, at the top perform 10 rock overhead press, continue until it’s 1 at the top, and 10 at the bottom, total reps always = 11, deposit your coupon.

YHC called an audible at this point, forgoing a long trip to Kings Court and instead staying “local” at the awesome, amazing, super cool,¬†incredibly well taylored and very well sponsored, impeccably painted top notch soccer field.

Standing on the vivid logo in the center of the field, we counted off by two’s. 1s mosey to one corner, the 2s headed to the opposite corner. 2s corner was to perform AMRAP merkins while 1s corner performed 15 burpees then sprinted across the field to relieve the 2s. swap rolls, 2s run to 1s station, 1s perform the merkins. Then the AMRAP station switched to squats until 1s returned from 10 burpee station. switch rolls. Last, AMRAP station switched to Leg Lifts while 5 burpees were performed. Corner to corner, it’s a very large field with a hefty sprint between stations.

…all the while, anytime waiting on the six, 4x4s too numerous to count have already been logged by some of the PAX

The last item of the morning was a suicide sprint using the white lines of the field. YHC motivated the PAX by offering a reward to the fastest HIM; we used the end line, penalty box, center line, far penalty box, then far end line. Flo and millertime were top two finishers, followed by devito, saint, YHC, and so on. Good work Men! – unfortunately the prize was, you guessed it, more 4x4s as they waited for the six

Circle up on the logo for 1.5 min of MARY, ~30 flutter kicks IC


Welcome FNG warhead! Dave has recently moved back to the area after 10+ yrs of being a floridian. His name is linked to his previous military life in the AF working in the missile silos…very cool stuff. I believe he attended SHS so we’ll be trying to get him there as well during the week. BTW, this FNG came for the pre-Ruck and stayed for the BD – do I have to mention he’s YHC’s FNG and he rode with me? I don’t want to diminish the accomplishment but he really didn’t have any choice in the matter…

Prayers are needed for two struggling marriages, swiper and warhead. Warhead said his has reached the stage of divorce, and there are children involved, so this group and what we can do for each other couldn’t have come at a better time in his life. We pray for them to have the wisdom to know what to say, and know what to do next – it was mentioned this morning a man’s marriage to his M is the most difficult human relationship we have to navigate. Forgive me, I’ve tried to remember the other items mentioned but I’m coming blank. It was an honor to lead today, and I look forward to the next opportunity







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