Intro to Bloodhound

When: 01/09/2018

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Homeboy, Westside, Legionnaire, Bloodhound, Cricket, Spaceballs, Hooch, Cha Cha, Hooters, Mr. Wizard, Chief Wiggum,  FNG, Ricky Bobby, Title Max, Cuban, Hasbro, Babyface, Thrasher, Goodhands


19 PAX decided to show up and go around or two with yours truly this beautiful Tuesday Morning. We had 19 including our newest FNG, JJ Russel. I had a little mood music playing in the background for those early enough to enjoy it (Enter Sandman) and the vets new what that meant. We  discussed the Alabama/Georgia game and all of our Georgia brothers who didn’t make it out. Let’s get to it….

Warm up:

In cadence exercise –





We picked up our little sand babies and moseyed to the highest set of stairs around for some Partner BLIMPS

Partner A picks up their sand baby and runs up and down the staircase.

Partner B conducts their BLIMP exercise until relieved by Partner A.

We did this until everyone made 5 climbs up the stairs.


Quarter Pounder with Cheese

We did a set of ¼ pounders with cheese, dragging our sand babies to the:

25-yard line with 25 Merkins

50-yard line with 50 Mountain Climbers

75-yard line with 75 Squats

100-yard line with 100 SSH


Bring Sally up

Squats with sand babies to the song “Sunflower” with Sand Babies in hand



Welcome JJ Russell, now known as: Smurfette



Today we talked a little bit about the 3rd F and that it is not about any specific religion but rather a belief in something greater than oneself.  F3 is not a Christian (or any other faith) based organization and it’s open to all men of ALL faiths or even NO faith. We also discussed the Ball of Man prayer that we conduct at the end of our workout.

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