House of Cards – Minus Sexual Harassment (for the most part)

When: 01/08/2018


PAX (): Rooney, Green Bean, GOAT, Bird dog, Virginia Slim, DEFCON 2, Crab Legs, Racket, Grease Monkey, I-beam, Turbine, Miller Time, Aflac

14 packs joined another sub-freezing workout at the Wreck.

It started out with the years first Moby’s Flowers (Bring Sally Up) doing the traditional squats during the song.

We moseyed to steps where we did 20 calf raises per leg/calf.

This was followed by 20 step ups right leg, 20 step ups left leg, and 20 dips on the 3 foot wall.

We moseyed to the football field for a game of house of cards.

We went through all 52 cards.

Number on card equaled quantity.  All face cards equaled quantity of 10

Hearts= Jump Squats

Diamonds = Merkins

Clubs = LBCs

Spades = Sprints – Each number represented 10 yards to sprint.  So a 2 was 20 yards and a 10 was 100 yards

Once all 52 cards were completed, we moseyed back to the starting point where we had about 5 minutes of Mary which included but was not limited to:  More jump squats (thank you Rooney), Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, Dying Cockroaches, and Mountain climbers.

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